Architecture, style, and the knowledge define us, Askdeco brings to life the dream you’ve had your ideal living space, turning the innovative abstract into an even better concrete. We make the vision of your ideal surrounding come true in the most seamless manner.
With a significant experience and a solid understanding of the market, we offer comprehensive interior design services. We have established lasting relationships with our clients to whom we deliver value and a high level of transparency and responsiveness. We associate with suppliers who offer flexibility and answer to special product standards and offer a high level of expertise such as architects, complementary vendors, and local realtors.
Askdeco is an interior architecture company that offers extensive interior design services for houses, villas, restaurants, offices and yachts. The company also provides a fine selection of products including new and antique furniture, decorator fabrics, and exquisite accessories. Thus, we offer tailor-made services to cater to our client’s desires with a smart combination of design and functionality. 


Askdeco targets as clientele who requires quality and professionalism to make a choice within a variety of design options for their primary residence, vacation homes, yachts, and business spaces. With a keen eye for detail, the Askdeco process provides a committed of level attention to design and products alike, boasting a wide range of furniture, fabrics and accessories.
When it comes to pricing, we preach “quality” and practice “excellence”. Quality take the form of one of a kind consulting service, professional assistance in the classical, modern, and contemporary, firm contracts with international suppliers, well-experienced and professional designers, efficient client servicing and a wide variety of options to fit the client’s specifications and requirements. Product pricing is primarily based upon high standards, compared to other design firms in the market. Value is proportional to the quality of the design services, as we draw up a “picture” or depiction of the final space before the execution of the project. Convenience, timeliness and accuracy are our core values.


  • Zainab Shour

  • Ziad El Hajj

  • Yves Bou Assal

  • Wissam Moubarak

  • Viviane Kassir

  • Samer Abboud

  • Salem Abi Chahla

  • Roula Jarrous

  • Rania Bsat

  • Pierre Ziade

  • Oussama Hajjar

  • Naim Merhi

  • Mohammad Kebbe

  • Mohammad Mroueh

  • Mohammad Salem

  • Lama El Chami

  • Jimmy Najem

  • Jihane Saade

  • Jean Boyajian

  • Harout Hovaguimian

  • Hanane El Haber

  • Faten El Haber

  • Ghislaine Mantoura