In combining exquisite homes, select locations, and creativity, Askdeco sets new standards and is a pioneer in the design world. With experience, we provide a service engaged to quality and effectiveness.

Askdeco works in some of the finest and most prestigious addresses in the Middle East region and around the world infusing each project’s interior with a deluxe, custom-made and exclusive design. Our current international portfolio includes a selection of high-end residential apartments, restaurants, and luxurious yachts.

Most of all, we put at your service a full team of development professionals and project managers to steer the project successfully from the planning stage through the completion.


At Askdeco we target living spaces, yachts, commercial environments, and business spaces. Each is designed accordingly to its function and desired vibe, ranging from detailed, diverse, or classical design to minimalist or contemporary. We use advanced technology and are determined to maintain exclusive and unique designs. Askdeco does not follow the trend of maintaining a “house style” or single impression.


Askdeco’s smart and sleek aesthetic concepts have been applied to residential, marine, and commercial projects, as well as designs of many luxury commissions for private clients in Paris, London, New York, Saudi Arabia and Lebanon. Regardless of the site and location, each and every one of our ventures has been received in awe and arms wide open as to its originality and uniqueness.