Askdeco | Dream Bay Simplex
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Dream Bay Simplex

About This Project

Designed in contemporary material and exuding the most modern of vibes, Dream Bay Simplex is an elegant 400m2 duplex house standing along the mesmerizing blue coast of the city of Beirut. An ideal space for families, the residence is situated along the bustling beach promenade, taking design cues from the natural beauty surrounding it. The use of luxurious construction and decorating materials such as gilded marble, ornate leather panels and lacquered wood provides the house with a clean, modern and warm edge. Additionally, the large collection of mirrors and reflective surfaces littered around the space offer further depth to the residence, making use of the best modern interior design has to offer. The owners of the house have added their own personal touch through carefully chosen exquisite art pieces, placed stylishly throughout the house.